Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snooki's fashion trends

Alright guys today we're going to be talking about fashion, specifically Snooki from the New Jersey coast show. As you can see in the picture above, Snooki is wearing a handkerchief or bandana like garment on her head. It is pink, keep this in mind as we explore the rest of her outfit. She is also wearing a pink jacket, which if you remember goes well with her pink bandana. She is also wearing short shorts which is displaying a peace sign. As you make your way down her legs you will notice two different colored knee socks. One is tie dieish and the other is yellow with a ripped red thing on top. Then she is wearing some nice black sneakers. Don't forget her nice bag accessory. Overall I would recommend this outift for a casual night on the town or school, it's very trendy and will get people's attention.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bottled water

Ok guys today we're going to discuss different types of bottled water. My favorite brand is Arrowhead. It just tastes like normal water, the reason that it's better is because Dasani tastes all plastic and nasty. I've never tried tap water cause that's like sewer water and stuff but I guess poor people like it? Also right now I am drinking whatever Nestle's brand is called it's also normal water. I wouldn't be surprised if it was like an insurrection of Arrowhead's water or something. Anyways whatever water you drink make sure to have 8 cups or glasses or something a day to stay healthy hydrated, also check your pee color cause I guess the more clear the better.

Gaming update 8/29/10

Alright guys so I'm back with another gaming update here. I'm still playing FFVI, so apparently the empire is like on our side or something? So I go to the empire city and they're all nice and give us dinner and stuff. Then we go on a boat (I'm on a boat) and then we go to this other city and meet some old dude. Anyways we find some magic friends but then like kefka and the king of the empire trick us. Then they kill leo and setzer comes to save us and then edgar is like a pedophile or something? He said he'll wait till she's 18 but she's 10 now and he's obviously attracted to her so this can't end well. Well, I'll play some more and let you all know how the game goes.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breaking News Update: Mexican Car Bomb Kills 74

It appears that a Mexican news place has been attacked. We now turn to Reuters for the story:

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Mexico (Reuters) – A car bomb exploded outside the studios of a top TV broadcaster early on Friday, days after marines found the bodies of 72 people gunned down in Mexico's escalating war with powerful drug cartels.

Keep in mind these are Mexican marines and not Americans, but I'm sure they're trying the best they can. Hopefully they can find the culprits and lock them up so that this kind of disaster doesn't happen again.

First date

Alright guys it's time for some first date tips. After you've picked out a beautiful (or maybe fat lol) young lady you'd like to woo, you're going to have to take her out to impress her. I don't know anything about cars but you're going to want to make sure your car is painted black with yellow lighting bolts on the side, have a taily gate thing, and be able to make that rev up noise very loudly. If your car doesn't go very fast, just go rent a car and apply above features. After you go over to her house to pick her up, you're going to want to drive wherever you're taking her VERY FAST. This will impress her. As for where to go, I suggest the movies. Don't go to a romance movie unless you just want to be friends with her. Go to something like James Bond or something with lots of sex. Not porn though. So after you get to the theater buy lots of food. This is so that you can eat some because movie theater food tastes delicious. Anyways, during the movie, whenever something sexual happens, stroke her shoulder, hold her hand, or hit her in the head or something, just keep it consistent. This is so that she will associate whatever action you do with sex. Afterwards, take her home.You probably won't get in her house or pants or anything just yet, but that's ok. We'll work more on it next time.

How to get the ladies

Ok guys, so my most requested topic has been how to get girls. Lol where do you all live your mother's basement or something? Anyway so make sure you've got cash and time and maybe a sweet ride before you attempt this or you'll just fail. Looking for a girl is like looking for a job. It is a long and hard (lol) process that will take a lot of time and you probably won't find something you want so you'll have to settle for whatever you can get. However unlike a job getting a girl makes you lose money not gain it. This is because you have to spend a lot of money on movie tickets and popcorn so you can fill awkward silences with explosions and buttery goodness. Anyways I'll write more on the first date later. That should give you a good head start though.

gaming update 8/28/10

I am currently playing Final Fantasy VI. It's pretty cool. I like Setzer. He has a whirlybird. Or he did, but then it was all "oh noez, we're gonna crash." then I saved the game and turned it off to take a break and write this short piece on it. i hope to work for game magazine one day.

Dogs and puppies

Alright guys today we're gonna be talking about puppy dogs. They're pretty cute except for some breeds. I like beagles. They have waggly tails and floppy ears. I have a beagle named Max. He likes to eat and sleep. That's a picture of him up there. Cya guys later.

Friday, August 27, 2010

the testing environment

hello ladies and gentlemen let me introduce one of my most favoritest past times to you. the test environment is one of my favorite mmorpgs. it is similar to world of warcraft and runescape. in it you must save the colors from puzzles. you do this by solving puzzles. you have to work together or you will not win. it requrieres hard thinking abilities and maybe some mathematicals. i rate it ages 13 + so that you are smart enough to win it. overall 1000000/19 very good i would like to see more.


hey guys thought maybe it was time for some karaoke ?1? ok lets start.

BLACK PARADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well cya guys later

Hey guys lol

So guys what's up lol. Here's my blog lol. Hope you like it herpa derp