Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gaming update 8/29/10

Alright guys so I'm back with another gaming update here. I'm still playing FFVI, so apparently the empire is like on our side or something? So I go to the empire city and they're all nice and give us dinner and stuff. Then we go on a boat (I'm on a boat) and then we go to this other city and meet some old dude. Anyways we find some magic friends but then like kefka and the king of the empire trick us. Then they kill leo and setzer comes to save us and then edgar is like a pedophile or something? He said he'll wait till she's 18 but she's 10 now and he's obviously attracted to her so this can't end well. Well, I'll play some more and let you all know how the game goes.


  1. hey buddy!!! im following your blog and clicking your ads daily well... can u do the same for the it will be much appreciated Thank You!!! -Ashley

  2. just to see how my pal is doing. :*

  3. tl;dr