Monday, September 20, 2010

Gaming Update 9/20/10

Well, it's finally over, I've beaten Final Fantasy VI. I have to say, it was a great game, I really enjoyed the end dungeon and all the bosses the game threw at me. I did some extreme grinding though, so they didn't really pose that much of a problem. In fact, none of the bosses there killed me, only the random enemy encounters did! However, as I mentioned before, I'm playing the Game Boy Advance version, so it looks like I still have another dungeon called the Dragons' Den and something called the Soul Shrine to go back and beat.


  1. wow you beat the game pretty fast lol

  2. haha I went up to VII... then I skipped to XI... and next XIV ^_^;;;;;

    keep on it!

  3. IX is the second best FF game. I think it was...XII that's the best. Ever. No questions. X was pretty good too, Auron is God-tier